Year: 2019

Join the Indy Crowd

Join the Revolution is a social campaigning community for the Scottish Independence movement. It’s free to join here.

The purpose is an organizing platform for the Indy community, to help support and grow the nationwide grass roots campaigning essential to achieving a free and independent Scotland.

  • A Community for News, Blogs and Events Regular news and blogs to share political insights, upcoming events and updates about important activities and trends to keep every one informed about what’s happening.
  • A Debate Community – The Forums are intended for stimulating thought provoking debates across a wide spectrum of topics relevant to independence.
  • An Action Community – Most importantly IndyCrowd is here to help support new independence campaign projects. Various web site tools like crowdfunding and e-petitions are freely available to help nurture, organize and grow local Indy campaigning efforts. The Yes Directory helps you find your local activist group and the volunteering group helps match resources to projects.

If you’re listening to this, you are the Resistance

Nothing great was achieved without struggle.

Scotland is oppressed by the same 1% neoliberal capitalism as exists the world over, and from an entirely controlled mainstream media through a corrupt, cronyist political system with mega $$ donors keen to perpetuate it, they have considerable assets at their disposal.

However there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. That idea is a free and independent Scotland.