Welcome to the Indy Crowd!

The IndyCrowd.scot is a social community for the Scottish Independence movement.

Our mission is to harness our technology expertise to provide an organizing platform for the independence movement.

The key features are:

  • Social networking – Join and create a member profile, connect with other members.
  • Link and article sharing – Easily post links to indy news and blogs.
  • Collaboration and crowdfunding – Organize and finance projects to grow indy support.

Join the Debate

Any one is welcome to join IndyCrowd.scot, and share your own views, ideas and campaigns to organize and promote Scottish Independence.

You can post three types of content:

  1. Links – A news story or article on another site. The link will be automatically embedded at the top of the story. Write a paragraph summarizing the piece and giving your opinion on it. Depending on the other site sometimes it will automatically read and show the Featured Image. If it doesn’t you will be required to upload it automatically.
  2. Text article – Your own article or blog.
  3. Quizzes and Polls – Articles that include interactive elements for engaging site visitors, such as quizzes and polls.

Editorial Agenda

Any content relevant to Scottish Independence is accepted, with keynote categories including but not limited to:

  • IndyRef2 – How and when should Scotland vote next?
  • A New Scotland – What is your vision for a future independent Scotland?
  • Economy – Useful data that explains the economic case for an independent Scotland.
  • Politics – Your views on the local Scottish politics that contextualizes the independence debate.

Fundamentally the objective is to educate and inspire a nation to realize it’s true freedom and destiny.

We want your fire and fury!